Thursday, December 28


If you already seen the title I leave very little to the imagination. I am here to talk about the meanest cruelest thing ever to happen, ever. I was recently watching x-men 3 WHEN THAT SON OF A B*TCH JEAN GREY KILLS THE PROFESSOR! WHAt A B*TCH! AND I'll KEEP SAYING THAT UNTIL IM HAPPY! FEMALE DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In other news Go Hugh Jackman YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I apologize to sensitive readers or people who are named Jean or Grey or Jean Grey. I am a bit hormonal over the fact THAT SOMEONE CALLED ME AN IDIOT OVER THE PHONE *Cough*Louie*Cough
Proffesor Killers

Thursday, November 16

Those ****ing Canadians

Thursday, November 2

I Always Believed In Coke

Sunday, October 22

Life Question

What are little brothers good for besides making messes and shifting blame even up to and past 9 years old? This is what I ponder about in my spare time.

Friday, September 22

Check THIS out!

I made a list of things that suck at school! Here's the top ten
  1. P.E.
  2. Dressing in the locker room at P.E.
  3. Homework
  4. 6th graders who think they're badass
  5. 8th graders who say they can kick your butt
  6. Social studies
  7. 1st Mod, we just don't like it
  8. The bomb threats
  9. The code blues
  10. who am I kidding the whole thing sucks!SCREW 7th GRADE!

Friday, August 18

Wednesday, August 16


This Is why I will ALWAYS use Mapquest for my driving purposes. With maps of roads updated, say, once every 2 centuries, It's incredibly reliable. The Santa Fe Trail only ceased to exist 100 and something years ago.